Build volume: 300mm diameter, 600mm height

Flow-rate: 3kg/hr with 3mm nozzle

Build Material: Potters Clay / Ceramic

Nozzle sizes: Standard: 4mm

Alternative nozzle sizes: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm

Layer height: 3mm, with the standard 4mm nozzle

Layer heights from 0.1mm to 1mm with a 3mm nozzle provide great results.

Software: Any CAD system producing .stl files 


Slicers: Slice3r, Kisslicer, CURA with correct settings for this printer


Firmware: Smoothie Firmware


Technical Specs
3D ceramic printed flower pot
Warthog Pro 3D Clay Printer 
Specialist Training and Support

When you buy a Warthog Pro 3D printer, you get one day's worth of hands-on training at our premises, an operation manual plus 10 ready to print designs, one month of phone support and a years worth of email support. 

The Warthog Pro prints with both Potters Clay and special Ceramic Clay. This makes is suitable for the Professional and Industrial Ceramic market as well as the hobbyist; ideal for creating amazing bespoke items. 

Input your most creative designs on a CAD program, the printer does the rest. 

Price Estimate: 

ZAR           plus Courier

USD           plus Courier