22 of the biggest 3D printers in the world!


We are number 20 - would have liked it if they used our new photos - but great to be mentioned :)

20. Large DIY 3D printer for your home

South African inventor Hans Fouche (the guy who 3D printed a lawnmower) has recently made his large size 3D printer commercially available.

The Cheetah 3.1 costs just 100,000 South African Rand (approximatly $8,500), plus shipping, with lead times of 1 month.

Fouche’s 3D printer has a standard 3 mm nozzle, which means it can produce large objects fast using ABS and PLA pellets, for an even lower cost of use. The machine can also support different size nozzles for higher speed or precision.

and what our new machines will look like - below:

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