The Cheetah Pro and the Warthog  teams up!               

Fouche 3D Printing is at it again. The small South African company, headed by Hans Fouche, that is

punching way above it's size, have come up with a very unique solution for the future of their 3D Printers.

Not only have they released a new Cheetah Pro 3D Printer, they have released the Warthog, a Clay 3D Printer as well, to form a formidable team  !

With this combination of a big granular fed 3D Printer, and a clay 3D Printer, they are entering  the Additive Manufacturing for End-Use Products, in there own unique way! But wait, was their 3d printed lawnmower,  vacuum cleaner, shoes, guitar, working car jack, tables and chairs not all Additive Manufacturing for End-Use Products ?   ;-)

Now they are using both these printers together  to make Lamps.    With Lamps it is difficult to match the Lampshade and the Base of the lamp to form a harmonious unit. This is because the lampshade is normally made by one manufacturer, with a specific method, and the base by another manufacturer, with a different method, but with the two 3D Printers from Fouche 3D Printing, the Cheetah Pro and the Warthog standing next to each other, the Designer can now design the Lamp as a whole, and 3D print the base in ceramics, and the lampshade in ABS plastic. With these machines, a new niche in the Lamp design world is opened.  The designer can now sit behind a computer,  and design the lamp as a whole, and send the base to the ceramics printer, and the shade to the ABS printer.

 The Lampshades that is printed on the Cheetah Pro,  that works with Natural white ABS Granules, can be colored by adding  small quantities of colored master batch granules, thereby creating translucent colored lampshades. 

With the Warthog Ceramic printer, the bases can be Glazed to all the beautiful colours the the Potters are using. 

 The pictures here show the early samples done by this process, and  they invite Designers to adopt this exiting new design process for Additive Manufacturing for End-Use Products.

 Fouche3D Printing is hereby  inviting "early adopter" designers and manufacturers of Lamps, to get in contact with them, and discuss how to take this exiting new technology to market.

Fouche 3D Printing is selling both these machines, as well as offering a service for customers that first wants  to do some sample products, to see the cost and timescales involved with these machines.

 For more information, Fouche 3D Printing can be contacted at or via


Hans Fouche

Fouche 3D Printing