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The Cheetah Pro 3D printer is truly unique. It prints sizable items, cheaply at a good speed. You can now 3D print real life functioning products and décor items in plastic. We have printed items from lawn mower and vacuum cleaner bodies, wearable slip on shoes to replica elephant tusks. See more item in the Gallery. 


The actual volume of the printing area is 1 cubic meter. As it utilizes plastic granules instead of filament, the cost of printing is reduced substantially if compared to traditional printers, by as much as a factor of 10.


We have access to fantastically creative artists who can colour or decorate your printed product to your specifications.


Consulting on special printing material and applications.  

Technical Specs

Build volume: 1000mm by 1000mm by 1000mm as Standard


Overall dimensions: 1300mm by 1300mm by 1500mm 

Building material: Granules: ABS, PLA, EVA

Flow Rate: 800g/hr with 3mm nozzle


Standard Nozzle size: Standard: 3mm

Nozzles sizes on request: 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm  


Layer Height: Standard:  3mm

Alternative layer heights with 3mm nozzle: 1mm and 0.1mm   

Software: Any CAD system that can produce .stl files.

Slicers:  Slice3r, Kisslicer, CURA and more with the correct settings for this printer


Firmware:   Smoothie Firmware

Installation: It is highly recommended to bolt the machine to a wall, for extra stiffness, and to put an Glass Enclosure around it, for noise reduction, draft exclusion, safety and temperature stability.

When you buy a Cheetah Pro 3D printer, you get one day's worth of hands-on training at our premises, an operation manual plus 10 ready to print designs, one month of phone support and a years worth of email support. 

Things that can be 3D Printed on the Cheetah

House:   Vases, Lamp-shades, Fruit-bowls, Dustbins, Barstool, Boxes, Lawnmowers, Honeycomb panels any size for Furniture, Chairs, Tables, Beds, Kids chairs and Tables, Shelves, Trays, Stands, Bookshelves, Cupboards, Tiles, Table mats, Portrait frames, TV trays, Wall Decorations, Sculptures, , Doormats, Lamps, Lamp shades and engineers Lamps, Strong camera cases,  Extension reels, Plant pots, Tiles, Beds, Portrait frames, Cupboards, Table mats, Doors, Decorations, Vases,  School cases and Business cases and Travel cases, Boxes, Dustbins, Hangers, Sculptures, Fruit bowls, Ash trays, Clothe pegs, Speaker boxes, Tiles, Vacuum Cleaners

Workshop:   Wood clamps and G clamps, Small wind generators, Compartment Trays, Wheels, any size,  Reels, any size,  Extension reels, Other 3D Printers, Tools, Hammers, Axe with metal insert.

Car:    Jack, Mag Wheels, Seat frames, Bumpers, Wings, Glove compartments

Garden:   Plant pots,  Strawberry towers, Trellises, Wall Planters, Hanging pots, Herb Gardens, Leave rakes, Rakes, Wheels any size, Sprinkler, Lawn Mowers


Clothes:     Belts, Hats,

Shoes:    High heels, Flipflops,

Music:   Guitars, Drums, Electrical drum frames,

Cement:    Ventilation grids, Prefab walls, Braais, Cement pots, Cement Roof Tiles, Garages, Houses, Rondavels.

Toys:    Pushbikes, Frisbees,  Toy cars, Dolls houses, Real Trikes. Balls,

Planes Big Mechano, Big Leggo, Dolls houses, Big sword.

Sport:    Canoe’s, Kettie, Bows, Crossbows, Skate boards,


Machine parts:     Machine frames, Plastic Gears, Lawn Mowers, Vacuum cleaners

Medical:    Prosthesis Legs, Prosthesis Breasts, Wheelchair parts,

General:     Dustbins, Plastic manhole covers, Traffic cones, Canoes

Impact absorbing structures, Honeycomb panels, any size

Pets:     Parrot cages, Cat playing poles, Owl Boxes.



New materials:  that will be tested and developed includes;

A Wood-fibre mixture, like chipboard, masonite, or superwood.

A mixture with Eggshells and plastic,  or sement.

Sement and sement mixtures.

Ceramic and Potters Clay.

Processed Termite mounts, or sand mixed with “termite glue”

The same, but from swallow nests. Ie swallow spit.

Metal:  Via “Dot Matrix” or Electroplating methods

Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Iron, Solder, Pewter

Wax: Candle wax, Lots of different wax types, Investment casting wax, Jewelers wax, etc

Things that have been printed:  

Lawnmowers, Vacuum Cleaners, Car Jack, Guitars

Vases, Lamp-shades, Fruit-bowls, Dustbins, Bar stool, Boxes, Lawnmowers, Honeycomb panels any size for Furniture, Chairs, Trays, TV trays, Wall Decorations,  Ash trays, Hangers, G clamps, Small wind generators, Car jack, Mag wheels, High heels, Flipflops, Prostheses, leg and Breasts, Shoes, Bully beef chairs, Marmite chairs and Tables, Peanut butter chair and tables, Bow for a crossbow. Cement 3d printing samples. Ceramic cly samples,  Bum chairs, Surf Boards.

Your Product:

If you have a product that you think can be 3d printed on the Cheetah, but is not sure, send us an e-mail and the part in some CAD or STL format, and we can tell you what the cost would be, i.e. what the printing time will be, and what the material cost will be.   We can quote you on that, and even print a prototype for you, at the quoted price.  You can then test it, change it etc, and go into small scale production, printing your products on our machines. When you are sure that your 3d printed model is working in the market, then you can buy a Cheetah. Various levels of Technical Assistance from our side can then be negotiated for the future.


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