Hans Fouche’s passion for 3D printing dates back nearly 30 years when he started building 3D wind tunnel models with Superglue for the Brabam Formula 1 motor racing team.


He proved his contention that the potential for printing 3D is only limited to your own imagination when he started the family business Fouche Chocolates which till this day supplies specialist chocolate 3D printed confectionary on a wholesale basis.  The original printer comprised a stepper motor with eight nozzles drawing and building delicious chocolate shapes.


Being an engineer, Hans’ curiosity drove him to develop bigger and better 3D printers.  He built model after model printing with different materials until he perfected his current models the Cheetah ABS printer and Warthog clay printer. 

He is now the only manufacturer of large size 3D printers in South Africa. His printers have even been exported as far afield as Australia and South America.

Hans will call (local) or email you with more information.  Send him your details now!