The Warthog Baby is suitable for smaller projects as the cartridge carries less clay than its big brother. 

Live out your creativity by designing one of a kind ceramics. Perfect coiling is now only a machine away.

Price Estimate: 

ZAR            plus Courier costs

USD            plus Courier costs

When you buy a Warthog Baby 3D printer, you get one day's worth of hands-on training at our premises, an operation manual plus 10 ready to print designs, one month of phone support and a years worth of email support. 

Technical Specs

Cartridge Size: 0.5kg 

Build volume: 300mm diameter, 500mm height

Flow-rate: 3kg/hr with 3mm nozzle

Build Material: Potters Clay / Ceramic

Nozzle sizes: Standard: 3mm

Alternative nozzle sizes: 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Layer height: 3mm, with the standard 4mm nozzle

Layer heights from 0.1mm to 1mm with a 3mm nozzle provide great results.

Software: Any CAD system producing .stl files 


Slicers: Slice3r, Kisslicer, CURA with correct settings for this printer


Firmware: Smoothie Firmware